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You want a unique place to see Mantas? Penida Island is.

Penida Island is a great place for your next Bali holiday. It’s the only place in Bali where you could encounter Mantas with amazing surrounding marine life.

The Map

Penida Island

High - Biodiversity

Encountering Manta Fish on Penida Island

Manta rays are cold-blooded fish with flat diamond-shaped bodies. Swim with the majestic manta rays of Nusa Penida on an amazing snorkeling trip from Bali. Stop at the famous Manta Bay, discover the natural beauty of Crystal Bay and go to Mangrove Point for the perfect snorkeling adventure in the Indian Ocean.


Fun Snorkeling

Stunning Underwater World

Snorkeling is one of the most fun ways to see the beauty of Bali dive sites without having to leave the surface of the water. Snorkeling is a great fun and interesting form of cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening. 


Awesome Scenery

Stunning Scenery

Penida Island and Lembongan Island offers a natural beauty not only under water but on it’s land too. Marvel at the dramatic landscape and steep cliffs along the coast as you make your way to some of the island’s best snorkel sites. 


Nusa Dua

The Party Spot

Best Half Day Cruise

The number of events that we can host on board is quite large such as Bachelor, Weeding, Baptism, Birthday, Anniversary celebration, MICE, Dinner / Brunch, Fashion show, Christmas party & New Year Eve as well as a range of semi-private events (invitations only) & VIP parties.

Nusa Dua

Add On Activities

Fun On The Water

Many water activities available to choose from. Jetski, parasailing, flyfish, etc, can be added to your package